St. Paul

Lutheran Church

A place where we reach, preach, and teach with God's love.

Meet Our Pastor

Rev. David Brobston

Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church

Chaplain to local first responders

Champion of all including women in ministry.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in the Name of the Father, and of the Son (+), and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Come and See!  That has been the invitation that we have heard in and around our walls in the past, and a message that will be echoed this year.  Come and See – combined with Go and Tell will be our themes of ministry.

Come and See that we are actively working in mission to our community and to the world through Global Missions, Gentle Worship, PATH Center Meals, the Food Pantries, the Tent Revival, the Furniture Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Defiance Community Vacation Bible School, Recharge (formerly Christ Renews His Parish), and many others.

Come and See the ministry that happens in and around the congregation in worship, either at our Sunday Morning Worship or the many Wednesday Holden Evening Prayer Services throughout the year.  Come and See what is happening in our Christian Education and Sunday School Programs, our Community Summer Events for youth, the ministry done by the Service Guild through Rotary Lunches and other events and all that they give back to ministry.

Come and See as we preach the Gospel, baptize infants and adults, confirm our young people, send our youth to the Youth Gathering, marry our family and friends, and celebrate the lives of those who have joined God in his heavenly home.

We are going to encourage folks to Go and Tell.  Be ready to tell others about what God is doing in your life, about what God is up to in this place, about this amazing grace that so surrounds and fills us that our lives can’t help but be changed.  Go and Tell others about this community of faith, about how God is working in and through this place to help make his message known throughout the area.  Go and Tell so others might Come and See as we seek to find new ways to reach out with God’s love.

Where do you feel yourself being led?  As the Holy Spirit blows through your heart, where is God calling you to minister?  What gifts have been just waiting for a chance to be opened and to flourish?  How can I, as your pastor, help you live out your call in your life?  I would love to hear how God is working in your life, or how you would like to see God’s love impact the world around you – and how I could help pray with you, equip you, support you as you live out your faith – with love, with hope, and with faith.

In Christ,

Pastor Brobston +